6 MANOEUVRES Abstracts have been selected for presentation at the 41st European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF 2015), Munich, Germany, September 1-4 2015.

  • Project MANOEUVRES – Towards Real-Time Noise Monitoring and Enhanced Rotorcraft Handling Based on Rotor State MeasurementsTrainelli L., Lovera M., Rolando A., Zappa E., Gennaretti M., Cordisco P., Grassetti R., Redaelli M.
  • Acoustic Prediction of Helicopter Unsteady Maneuvers, Gennaretti M., Bernardini G., Anobile A., Serafini J., Trainelli L., Rolando A., Scandroglio A., Riviello L.
  • Contactless Rotor Flapping Sensor Design, Implementation and Testing, Cigada A., Colombo A., Cordisco P., Ferrario A., Grassetti R., Redaelli M., Rolando A., Terraneo M., Trainelli L., Vigoni E., Zappa E.
  • Rotor State Feedback in Rotorcraft Attitude Control , Panza S., Bergamasco M., Viganò L., Lovera M.
  • Observing the Angle of Attack of the Tip Path Plane from Rotor Blade Measurements, Trainelli L., Riboldi C. E. D., Bucari M.
  • The Pilot Acoustic Indicator: A Novel Cockpit Instrument for the Greener Helicopter Pilot, Rolando A., Rossi F., Riboldi C. E. D., Trainelli L., Grassetti R., Leonello D., Redaelli M.